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Five on Friday...

1. No school today -- or Monday. Yet I still have to work...sigh.

2. My FIL is taking the kiddos overnight Saturday -- yay! We have a Mardi Gras party, though I will not be baring anything, beads or no.

3. I am so excited for the Olympics! As I mentioned on the Blueboards, DH was scouted for the '88 freestyle skiing team (in moguls) -- he turned them down, but is an amazing skier (like ballet on snow -- he floats down the hill with unbelievable speed). I got in touch with him the first time during the '98 Olympics (watching the skiers made me think of him) -- and we had birthing classes during the '02 games. Today I'm looking for a DVD/DVR to replace our old one (which just broke) so I can record my favorites!

4. DH took D skiing today, to continue the theme.

5. Sometime this weekend, I'm going to see the new movie, Valentine's Day -- at least, that's the plan.

Happy Friday!
Tags: life, olympics

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