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Random Tuesday murmurings...

All the snow has vanished from our front yard, but the neighbors across the street still have 2+-foot drifts -- I love the sunny side of the street!

My tulips are still there. E and I went out and inspected them yesterday, and it doesn't look like the bunnies have discovered them yet *crosses fingers* Here's hoping!

It's crunch time with my online job -- I spent six hours yesterday completing my stack, and today I have even more to do...but I'm still thankful to have this job (and I like it).

Eighteen days till spring -- and mid-50s all week this week. Won't be long before E and I can go out and start some photo hikes :D

I'm onto a new phase in the Frustration That Is Writing -- it's Writing--What Writing? Ha! I won't have time to even consider it until I get through this week...but I'm also taking the March Challenge mentioned on denisejaden's blog. Maybe that will get me moving and help me complete my WIP, despite the Writing--What Writing? phase.

Happy Tuesday :)
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