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Another year, another...

good question:) Seeing all these wonderful resolutions makes me I can just live off all of you (he-he)! I've not done many resolutions in my life -- maybe three or four times, really. I tried to have goals for 2006, but when the two biggest didn't pan out (agent and book contract), I started thinking I'd be better off to just do my thing and take it as it comes. So perhaps that's my resolution....

And after reading so much Tolle in the past month, I definitely want to enjoy life, to allow myself to experience good and bad without flinching, to accept those around me in all their facets and loveliness (and not so loveliness).

There you have it -- Robin's wrap up!

Blessings to all of you (and hoping for beauty in each of your lives) in 2007 :D

P.S. I'm still out of town, so I won't have internet access after tonight for a couple of days...but never fear, I love to respond to comments and will do so when I'm back in snowy Denver!
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