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Well then...

This was the scene 7 years ago this month (it might even have been exactly at this time of month)...and today? Well, it's sadly similar. The snow isn't as deep in the street -- thankfully -- but some of the drifts are close to two feet deep.

I guess winter's not ready to give up yet. They even cancelled school (yep, that means another day of June gone). The good news is that I got to sleep in a bit (a tiny bit) -- but of course, since I knew school was cancelled (they called last night), I stayed up too late. I'm a serious night owl, and if I don't have to get up, I have a hard time getting to bed at a decent hour.

The snowblowers are going like mad out there -- we'll wait a bit. They originally said we'd get another 5 or so inches this morning, but right now, the snow has stopped completely.

The kiddos are doing 'Race to Read' at school (where they get prizes for filling out reading sheets -- 4 hours per sheet for E, 8 for D) -- so maybe it'll be a semi-quiet day :)

I hope spring is winning out better where you are!
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