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Middling on Talent...

Last night was the talent show at D's and E's school. There were some really cute acts and a couple (thankfully just a couple) of not-so-cute acts. But it definitely made me think about talent and what that means today. Here are some examples of what we saw:

1) A ten-year old came out and did a dance based on SYTYCD -- she took the choreography straight from a group number and even used the same music (and yes, this was all in her 'biography', so she was upfront about where she got the dance). As a huge fan of that show, I instantly recognized it (it's one of the classics -- choreographed by Wade Robson, I believe). The thing is, she did really well -- and she's TEN! Her rhythm and movements were strong and fit the music just like the dancers did on the show (though her technical ability was obviously not as strong as theirs).

1a) Two ten year olds came out and did a dance they got from YouTube. It was clever (with words written on their bodies which went with the song), and they performed it well, but...well, I guess it didn't seem much like a 'dance' to me.

2) A 4th grader came out and planned to sing and play her guitar. When she strummed the first chord, she got a terrified look on her face. She looked at the board and strummed again. Then she ran off stage, and the announcer said that she needed to tune her guitar. She came back on after a few acts had performed with her newly tuned guitar and played and sang 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' quite well.

2a) Two musicians came out, a violinist and a flutist (flautist?). Anyway, they (5th graders) started to play -- in two different keys! It was brain-bleeding awful. There were moments in their piece where I really thought the paint might peel off the walls from the discord. And they didn't even notice...scary.

3) A first grader sang 'I'm an Old Cowhand' while her grandpa played the guitar. She did really well, and it was cute and sweet.

3a) A second grader sang a country song (I didn't recognize it), and...well, let's just say that it was mostly monotone with some variance that seemed to have nothing to do with the accompanying track.

Of course, all of these kids have determination and the desire to perform. As I watched, I wondered how many of them would continue to pursue their 'talents'. Some of them truly did have something special -- others just wanted to be in front of an audience, I think (which is maybe a 'talent'? on its own?).

Is it necessary to have to practice in order to have a real talent? That's my random question of the day -- happy Wednesday!
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