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Thankful for...

  • This wonderful post about the kerfuffle I mentioned yesterday: Hannah Moskowitz. Yeah, what she said ;)

  • I went on my first trail run of the season/year yesterday, and it was so wonderful to be outside with the burbling creek (um, more like rushing), the fresh breeze (sometimes a gale), the warm sunshine, and the blue, blue sky.

  • The repercussions of which are that today I'm incredibly quads are dead, dead I tell you. But at least I know my muscles work ;)

  • Another tulip bloomed -- woot!

  • We might be going to the mountains this weekend -- even though it's supposed to be rainy, I'd love a chance to take some pix and wander around with E (if we go, D will get to ski with DH).

    Happy Thursday!
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