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Weekend Roundup...

On Friday, I took the kiddos to a Chinese restaurant after school -- and then they watched movies (their usual Friday night fare) while I worked on the computer (exciting times).

We spent Saturday driving -- from home to piano lessons (30 minutes), from piano lessons to playdate (35 minutes), from playdate to a wonderful outing with jennifer_d_g (25 minutes) and back to playdate (another 25 minutes)...and finally home (15 minutes). We all had fun, but I did feel a bit like a chauffeur ;) The best part, of course, was when I got to spend time chatting with Jennifer while her daughter helped my daughter stay out of our hair.

D's playdate was on a farm -- his friend's family has a greenhouse and a huge barn and a couple acres. It was really neat to see, and we got some rhubarb from their garden. So on Sunday, I made rhubarb cobbler (I tend to dislike recipes, so I kind of made it up based on a compilation of recipes and my own likes) -- it was yummy!! We ate it all in one day (aside from the piece we left for DH).

Speaking of DH, he got home at 1 am this morning. It snowed in the mountains, enough that they closed I-70 and he had to wait to get through. He said they stopped in Glenwood and soaked in the hot springs to kill time -- nice! :)

Happy Monday, All :)
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