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The fine line between...

Reality and what we want to read. I'm always wondering about this, and so often you hear editors/agents commenting on how it can't just be real, because often reality is too strange (or boring) for fiction.

So right now I'm writing about a couple, and the male is...well, totally unrealistic, I think. I'm trying to decide how unrealistic I can make him -- because he's a great guy! He's everything that most of us would love in a guy, and he's like that as a teen (did I mention it was unrealistic?)...what do you think? Can we, as writers, just write a character whom we've never met and probably never would? Is it okay to put someone between the pages of our book that would never actually exist?

Reader comments so far have confirmed his likability (in fact, a couple have mentioned he's their favorite character), but a couple of readers have also said that they think he's just not real -- do I need to make him more real? What do you think?
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