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Five on Friday...

1. Oh, yes, spring is here (finally) -- and the deer are back. Funny how I'm much more inclined to like them now that my tulips are long gone (and therefore out of danger).

2. dawn_metcalf had some intriguing thoughts about romance and love interests in books yesterday. It made me think about why I prefer multi-POV so much -- I really want to know everyone's story! Especially in a romance...I have this hunger to see how both parties view it, especially when there are serious discrepancies between the guy's view and the girl's view (or in GBLT, one partner versus the other). That makes the story so much richer for me. However, sometimes one character's POV is enough -- like in Tamora Pierce's books, where the heroine is so large and encompassing that I don't need another story to be satisfied.

3. (2 contd) Looking back through my five-star reads for this year to date, however, only one of those is multi-POV (My Most Excellent Year, by Steve Kluger); but it was also only one of three I read which had multi-POV at all -- and the other two were a four-star and four+-star. It's hard to find multi-POV; few writers seem drawn to that...

4. (3 contd)...which is interesting to me, because I'm beginning to discover that multi-POV is all I want to write. All of my most recent books have been multi-POV. In fact, the very first book I had editor interest in was multi-POV (she encouraged me to revise it, in fact, but I'd lost my mojo on that book) -- it was in four POVs (which was a little too ambitious for my writing ability back then; I'm not sure I could pull it off now, in fact). My most recent completed book was in three POVs (one of them an adult). So now I'm curious -- how many of you prefer one or the other (multi- versus single-POV)?

...because even though many of the blossoming trees are showering their petals right now, the scent of spring sweetness wafts in the breeze.

Happy weekend!
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