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Five on Friday...

1. Yep, so far summer vacation is great! I've already cleaned out the garage and taken a load of stuff to the Good I hit the used book sale for our local libraries.

2. My to-do list is sooooo long. I'm not sure it'll get done, but I'll keep plugging away.

3. I wrote about 500 words yesterday, and it was really painful. *sigh* As I told jennifer_d_g, it's like the first day out trail running, where the muscles just don't want to be pushed at all.

4. The kiddos have their piano recital tomorrow. D has decided he needs a break from official lessons, so this will be the last recital for him (for at least a year). E will continue to take lessons next fall.

5. I'm still hoping airfares go down for ALA. I really want to go, but there's no way I'm spending $600+ to do it!

Happy first weekend in June!
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