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Another meme to use some waiting time...

Here we go -- just what you all wanted ;) Tagged by lizjonesbooks...and desperately needing time to move more quickly!

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: chocolate sometimes I need baked chocolate (brownies, cookies); other times it's just candies (dark chocolate all the way)
Literary: books I've read dozens of times sometimes I just need a familiar friend
Audiovisual: dance movies I love them -- 'Strictly Ballroom', 'shall we dance', 'Dance with me' -- even 'Center Stage'
Musical: ABBA and John Denver What can I say? They're my 'any' mood music
Celebrity: ice skating celebs all the way I've read everything I can find about Katya Gordeeva (and I've taped most of her performances)...sigh.

Now I tag:-

shaelise jennifer_d_g kporterbooks olmue and jodigallegos

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.

And I know most of you I tagged seldom (never?) do memes, but if you're up to it and need spend some minutes NOT thinking about who might or might not be reading your stuff, here you go! Anyone else who's interested, especially for the above reasons, should jump right in :)
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