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Holy Late Spring Weather, Batman!

So I took the kiddos out for a late lunch (or early dinner) to a local Chinese place. DH stayed home to mow the lawn. When we finished, I noticed it was sprinkling, and then once we got outside the restaurant, I looked to the west and saw dark green clouds...which is never a good sign! We headed for home (though I had to stop for a brownie, hm), and by the time we made it to the mall (which is very close to our neighborhood), the rain had picked up.

As we waited in the left turn lane, suddenly a huge piece of hail hit our windshield. HUGE -- it looked like a large rock flying in. Within a minute, we were being pelted with 3+-inch hail, and I was positive our windshield was a goner. It took us three times as long to get up the hill, and when we reached the underpass, cars had stopped mid-lane to hide from the hail -- leaving the rest of us trapped out in it!

The road was a river (at least 2 inches deep) of hail, rushing water, and leaves...but within five minutes of reaching the safety of our house, it all stopped and the sun came out (intermittently).

(DH cleaning out the gutters, which were spewing water)

(Sadly, it knocked leaves off everything, including a houseplant we'd moved outside -- and our blue spruce)

(Here's one of the bigger chunks. Doesn't look so big, but let me tell you, if that thing falls on you, you're in a world of hurt! DH got hit by a couple of those while running for cover, and the marks are still there.)

(As I took this, the tornado sirens went off...about 45 minutes too late! Of course, now there is a tornado out near DIA, which is nowhere near us, I might add.)
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