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Party day...

This year, I thought I'd try having a b-day party for both kids together, on a day which is neither of their b-days. Today's the day -- we're meeting in a park, and everything will be outdoor fun.

The pros: much less work on my part, no weather worries (ha)

The cons: many kids are out of town

So it'll be small but hopefully sweet. I have games and crafts planned, and they'll get to do water balloons and have fruit-sicles -- and hopefully just run around in the sun. For gifts, I asked all the kids to bring a gift-wrapped book, and we'll do a gift exchange (probably similar to a white elephant thing), so everyone gets a book to take home.

I have to admit, planning and doing stuff like this appeals to my teacher nature -- but I'm glad that this will be outdoors. Last year's party (for D) was in our house (it was rainy), and the noise level got to be a bit much!

So happy party day, all!
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