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A cold in the middle of summer...


It came on very suddenly -- in the midst of Iron Man 2 Monday night, in fact. I felt the twinge in my throat, and I thought, "Uh-oh." Uh-oh, last night, it was full-fledged sinus fun (not). The good news is that because the kiddos are gone until tonight, I could sleep in -- and I don't have to entertain them today. I'll most likely just sit around and do as little as possible. My sinuses are throbbing.

I don't get sick very often (this is only the second time in the last year), so I can't really complain (though I am, hehe). One thing this reminds me of is how flexible I need to be. I had plans for today -- plans which involved me feeling well enough to actualy do some serious organizing throughout the house (and going on a nice trail run). Instead, I'll do stuff at the computer and maybe even take a nap.

Happy Wednesday to you!
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