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Friday Five...

1. I'm so excited for megancrewe, who just signed a three book deal! Her writing is amazing (if you haven't already read Give Up the Ghost, you should), and the book which leads off this deal is soooooo good!

2. I went trail running today for the first time in two weeks. I think I was a little afraid to get back at it after the last time, which completely undid me. The heat combined with pushing too hard wore down my body inside and out, and I'm only now beginning to feel normal again. It was a good run today, even though I didn't go nearly as far and I kept it slow...hopefully I'll recover completely :)

3. I think I can finish the first draft of my WIP in the next four or five days...I hope. I'm getting close, and as always, the ending is the toughest part for me. I tend to want to rush through it -- so here's hoping I can take my time and make it solid!

4. The kids go back to school 6 weeks from Monday -- how is that possible??? Didn't summer just begin?

5. I've been doing some research for our Yellowstone trip later this month. I'm getting excited! I hope the kiddos get to see some spectacular things (and that they realize how amazing it is, heh). I can't wait to take pictures galore.

Happy weekend!
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