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Weekend Roundup...

  • Well, it was freezing cold (sigh), and as a result, I got maybe two hours of sleep Friday night -- which triggered a migraine (ack) -- but thankfully, it wasn't too awful...though it got worse Saturday night, so although I got maybe 4 hours of sleep, I kept dreaming I had a headache ;)

  • D took a serious mtn bike ride with DH on Saturday -- almost two hours, and I was very impressed. I forgot my camera, though, so no pix of the momentous event (sigh).

  • We're moving one of our TVs to replace one which is so old it's almost a relic -- and while doing so, I managed to pinch my I'm having to learn typing all over again.

  • Our friends we camp with are like family (in the best way), and I always return home feeling so blessed to have them in our lives.

    Happy Monday!
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