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Weekend Roundup...

Well, reading day was interesting. I, at least, started and finished one book. D also finished a book. E got tired of it about 45 minutes into it...but their auntie (honorary title, heh) called out of the blue and took them to a movie (which gave me a chance to finish the last few pages of said book before cleaning all the bathrooms -- fun, fun).

I wrote a short story, cleaned the floors, and started another book. And we went to my FIL's for a scrumptious dinner last night (with chocolate melting cake for dessert -- my fav!). All in all, a peaceful and accomplished weekend :)

Happy Monday!

(Two weeks till school begins -- ack!)

P.S. Oh, and the Colorado Writers' Get-Together was lovely -- just a wonderful time of sharing and laughing and encouraging!
Tags: life, reading, writing
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