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I'm feeling a little burned out this week. DH was gone last weekend, and between that and the kiddos getting restless for structure again, my mom-ness is weakening.

So, in an attempt to take my mind off how much I'd love to have a weekend to myself with no familial responsibilities, it's time to count blessings:

1. I love my kiddos and my husband, and we're very blessed as a family.
2. I have a strong relationship with my parents.
3. I have a good relationship with my in-laws, especially my FIL and my SILs.
4. We live in a beautiful place.
5. We have a great house (though cluttered and desperately needing organization).
6. The kids have a good school to attend.
7. I like my job (and I have a job, in the first place).
8. I'm healthy and strong (even when tired).
9. We have the freedom and ability to do things together as a family (like camping and trips to Yellowstone).
10. I have wonderful friends (both in person and online).

What would you add?
Tags: needing thanks
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