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I was tagged, so even though I've posted so much lately, here goes ;)

Strange and little-known facts about me:

1. I like making things up -- I don't mean stories, I mean facts. My family calls my sayings: 'Robin's Book of Facts' -- and I state them so confidently that many people believe they're true...

2. I'm a very even-keeled person -- except for that time of the month, when I lose all perspective on everything and become a maniac...sigh.

3. I was the tallest person in my elementary school (other than the principal and the fourth grade teacher), and I thought from that time on that I was unfeminine (I got lots of teasing) -- but I'm only five six.

4. I'm terrified of heights -- a full-blown agoraphobic (is that the right term? I'm not even sure...I might have just stated I'm afraid of fingernail clippings or something) -- anyway, I sweat, get dizzy, feel sick, shake -- and all that just to go down a steep flight of stairs. I have to go down stairs that have holes in them on my bottom.

5. My family and I once convinced a guy who was interested in me that we grew pasta in our backyard -- on a pasta tree...needless to say, I refused to go out with him!

6. For good measure -- I've been kicked out of an orchestra rehearsal, a choir rehearsal (in college), and a church.
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