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Tolle Tuesday...

When you recognize that the present moment is always already the case and therefore inevitable, you can bring an uncompromising inner 'yes' to it and so not only create no further unhappiness, but, with inner resistance gone, find yourself empowered by the Life itself.

(Brainard Lake, from when DH and I were dating)

This is one of my favorite ideas from Tolle -- not that I'm always very good at it. But I agree that when I stop resisting the circumstances/emotion of the present moment and just accept that 'it is what it is', then I'm not adding resistance or reaction to the current situation. I'm better able to accept it and move on.

For example (though trivial), I didn't get nearly enough sleep last night. I can go through the day, whining to myself about how little sleep I got, or I can simply accept that I'm going to be a little more tired today and let it go. (We'll see how well that works, hehe.)

How about you? What do you need to accept today?
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