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Five on Friday...

1. Yesterday was Field Day, and it wore me out! But the kids had a great time :)

2. On the Blue Boards, there's a thread about introversion. I read it last night and laughed at the many descriptions (by others) which fit me, as well. My favorites were those who said even internet social responsibilities were exhausting...'cause, yeah, they really can be.

3. Of course, DH laughed his head off at the thought of me being an introvert. He thinks it's the most ridiculous thing ever, because I'm so far from being shy. He still equates those in his mind, even though I've explained it to him many times. When I did so again last night, reminding him that introverts need alone time to 'recharge', he rolled his eyes and said, "Just use that thing plugged into the wall." (The battery charger -- yeah, he's a snarky one.)

4. Time is flying by so quickly -- I need a pause button.

5. Slowly but surely, every house on our block has gotten a new roof from the big hail storm -- except us. *sigh* We're still fighting with our insurance company about it...we have one more chance, and if they still refuse, we'll have to get a lawyer (oh joy).

Anyway, it's the weekend! Enjoy the sun :)
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