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Tired mom

Today was one of those days that every mom has (I trust -- maybe I'm just a bad mom....). Anyway, my son, who is three and a half, has gotten wordy and argumentative lately. Today he kept pushing and pushing and pushing. On top of that, he's started lying. It's a shock to me, because up to now, he's been amazingling honest ('did you hit your sister?' -- 'yes.'). But today he lied about eating his cheese so he could have another muffin. Then he refused to go to his room. Then I spanked him (yes, we are a spanking family, though it's been a while since he's been spanked regularly). Then he went to his room and yelled for a while...sigh. My daughter, who just turned two, seems so easy in comparison. And she's teething with her 2-year molars. I hope this is a stage with my son -- any other mothers out there willing to share some advice on how to deal with this well? Well meaning he'll stop lying and being so disrespectful....

On a positive note, I'm about halfway through the first draft of my next book...and I like it so far (that's always good):)

Deep breath, deep breath, deep breath ;)
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