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Middling on stress...

I went to my acupuncturist yesterday. It's always an enjoyable visit, not only because of the release the needles bring, but also because I like my acupuncturist as a person. We have great conversations as my 'chi' is aligned ;)

But she pointed out a couple of things that I knew were going on but hadn't really wanted to face yet -- 1) my back is a mess right now; 2) something in my pelvis is tweaked and is causing my feet to swell (lovely); 3) I need to de-stress.

The funny thing about stress is that I can't always feel it. Sometimes I'm not even aware I'm stressed until physical manifestations appear (um, like the swollen feet). I've known that the past month has been challenging (the car stuff, D stuff, roof stuff, work stuff, etc), but I don't think I realized how much it was coming together to submerge me in stress.

Now that I know, I'm taking some steps to de-stress. First, I got a new office chair. I've known since last spring that my current chair wasn't doing it for me, but with the summer (where I only sat in it a couple hours a day), I let it go. These past couple of weeks, especially, when I've been sitting for 5+ hours a day have made their mark on my lower back and pelvis. So today, I bought a new chair. It's better -- it might not be perfect, but I can already tell it's better. I sat it in at the store for about 15 minutes, trying to tell if it was going to work or not.

Second, I'm going to find a yoga class at the gym. I need to open up my pelvis and find some physical relief for my stressed out back. Third, I'm going to work on de-stressing (whether through yoga I learn or some other method) right before D comes home from school every day. That tends to be the most stressful time of the day, and if I can face it with predetermined calm, I think it'll help overall.

This morning, I noticed how much better my hip felt after trail running -- that was encouraging! I try to trail run at least twice a week (and I go to the gym twice a week, as well) -- but I might look into adding swimming to the mix, also.

So, what do you do for stress relief? Any suggestions for relief of lower back pain or pelvis discomfort? What about relaxation exercises?

Happy Wednesday, all!
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