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Weekend Roundup...

...I went in to the chiropractor Sat afternoon and then spent the rest of the day wallowing in guilt. Later, I realized that he specializes in making people feel guilty -- not in a mean-spirited way, but he's a fanatic about his health beliefs, and so he espouses them clearly and often. With a good night's sleep, I got over it ;)

...silver lining -- he crunched my shoulder and hips, and I'm on the mend.

...I spent a few hours with jennifer_d_g yesterday morning/early afternoon. In fact, we met around 10:30, and five minutes later (seriously), her husband called and said it was 2:45 and we needed to break it up. I love chatting with Jennifer -- and she assuaged my guilt very nicely :)

...we're getting a 'new to us' car today -- another Subaru. This one is a Forester, and although it's over 10 years old, it has less than 75K on it and seems to be in good shape. Plus, it's affordable (only a few hundred dollars more than the check we got from the insurance company). I'm so glad it's over! of DH's friends is a builder (of the sort who flips houses). He's coming over later today to take a look at our master bath (which is a mess). We have some mold issues (which is rare in arid CO), and our tile is pink (sigh). He's a good guy and hard worker, and we like the idea of paying him to make our bathroom mold-free and no-longer-pink.

...I signed D and E up for another month of swimming lessons, though they'll both move up a level. Then D will start basketball, on a team for the first time. The city of Golden has sports leagues for kids ages 3rd to 8th grade -- so D is very excited to get started. I'm a little's a big time commitment, and he's not even in the competitive league. commitments are picking up again :( I'm trying to take deep breaths and remember to live each moment at a time.

Happy Monday!
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