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Four on Friday...

1. Final chiropractic visit today, and it was good. No guilt, this time, even though I could tell he was biting his tongue when I said I wouldn't be back (unless I had recurring numbness). Whew! I'm relieved it's over and done.

2. We still have so much on our plates right now, but I'm beginning to realize that this is how life goes these least we have the car stuff taken care of (thankfully), and we've started the process for our moldy bathroom (yes!), and I just got a new cell phone (whew). So we're making progress ;)

3. The purple ashes are beginning to turn -- they're my favorite local (meaning not in the mountains) tree to watch. They're sooooo gorgeous...I'll definitely have pix when they get a little further along.

4. We're going to a big performance tomorrow night -- it's an arts festival-type thing, and my MIL and her taicho drumming group will be there. There will also be dancing (I LOVE dancing) :)

Happy weekend!

(one of last year's purple ash pics)
Tags: glorious fall, life
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