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Thankful for...

...well, yesterday was a BEAR, so I'm really glad that's over. Funny how it works out that four of the five really tough papers all ended up on yesterday's docket (yeesh) -- but I made it through with my sanity mostly intact ;)

...I did take about an hour to go and trail run -- that felt wonderful, though my thighs and knees are creakin' today. today! Even though I'm so hopelessly inflexible, I always feel so good once I'm done.

...the trees around here are amazing right now -- I just love seeing them whenever I get out.

...this weekend -- since DH took 3 full days last weekend, I get to do my own thing this weekend. I still have to work, but I'll be able to fit in other things too, I'm sure.

Happy Thursday!
Tags: glorious fall, life
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