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Bookshelf meme...

Stolen from melissa_writing's blog.

1. How do you organize your books? By genre, by last name, by title, by publication date?

Well, I have six bookcases, plus my 'to read' pile (which is large enough to need a bookshelf). We also have the kids' bookshelves...but basically there's the older kids' books (just piled on the shelves, not set up, because there are so many of them -- around 500 at last count); my paperbacks; my hardbacks; my religious/philosophy/Christian fic; my kids' favorites (can't wait till the kids are old enough for read-aloud!); and DH's small group.

2. Do you have a shelf reserved for your favorite books and/or authors?

Yes, for my favorite kids' books (and it's an entire bookcase) -- but it's overflowing, so I might have to rethink that ;)

3. What is the first title and author on your bookshelf?

Which bookshelf? How about the paperbacks: THE MAN IN THE BROWN SUIT, by Agatha Christie (which, by the way, is the first 'adult' book I ever read -- I was twelve)

4. What is the last title and author on your bookshelf?

How about my favorites' bookshelf: TRICKSTER'S QUEEN, by Tamora Pierce (hardback, because all of her current ones are hardback as I'm totally impatient and buy them the second they hit the stores' shelves)

5. What genre dominates your collection?

Probably YA or mystery (or both) -- or kids' Hard to say :)

6. Which author is the most represented? (You own the most number of books by . . . )

George MacDonald? It used to be Agatha Christie as she's written over 80, I believe, and I owned almost all of them.

7. You own all of the books written by . . .

JK Rowling; Earlene Fowler; mary Stewart (well, not all, but pretty darn close)

8. You own the entire series of . . .

OSC's ENDER's two quartets; HP, of course; all of Tamora Pierce's YA quartets and duos; various of Madeliene L'Engle's trilogies; THE KEEPING DAYS series by Norma Johnston (and almost all of her others, as well -- if they weren't out of print, I'd have them all)...and other children's books series (like Susan Cooper's THE DARK IS RISING and C.S. Lewis's CHRONICLES OF NARNIA -- I also have most of his nonfic books).

That was fun -- probably more fun for me than you :)
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