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Testy Tuesday...'s election day, and I still haven't gone through all the material to know the issues I have work ahead of me before voting.

...ETA: Okay, I figured everything out and voted -- it's a tough year in some of our races in CO. On the radio this morning, this is how they called it: Candidate A kicks puppies; Candidate B tortures kittens. Yep, that's about how it is. They're both NOT people I want representing me. So I chose the one I thought would get ZERO support in Washington -- he can be as crazy as he wants, as long as no one listens. I'm pretty sure the other one will get support, so I'm hoping he's outta there!

...I have a migraine. It's not one of the truly awful ones, but my head hurts and my stomach is churning a bit. *sigh*

...did I mention my head hurts? (I'm whiny...)

(ahhh, this is better)
Tags: life, migraine, voting
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