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Five on Friday...

1. I drove the kiddos to school this morning to 'help' E talk with her teacher. Now that she's in two classes, she's twice as intimidated about having to actually discuss her life with the teachers! Anyway, she managed to do what I wanted her to do -- and I ended up staying and helping for an hour :) This is a good thing, because now I'm signed up to help every week...and even though it's in the 'extra' class, rather than her 'regular' class, I like this teacher better (and loved helping when D was there). So I'm happy :)

2. At the gym (after helping out), I ran into the PTA president from the school. She's new this year (as I am to the accountability committee -- as chairperson, I mean), and we've been establishing a nice friendship. Even though I've been going to this gym for almost three years now, I know very few people (um, she makes two).

3. After the gym, I came home and cleaned and started laundry -- so I'm feeling nicely accomplished right now (whew).

4. D started basketball last night. He's very excited -- and so am I. My brother played basketball with the same intermural team for 8 years, and I'd love to see D do something like that (assuming he likes it, of course). I really like the intermural system here -- they start all the kids in 3rd grade (and group them according to elementary schools), so if they want, they could continue through 8th grade and have a really cohesive team. Of course, I'm getting ahead of myself a bit, since D's had one whole practice so far (hehe).

5. It's supposed to be close to 80 degrees this weekend -- and then next week, it should snow. Yep, that's Colorado for you!

Have a great weekend!
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