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Weekend Roundup...

...on Saturday, DH took the kiddos with him so I could have writing time at B&N. I finished my revision (can't believe it), and then I actually started my NaNo book (yes, there's no way I'll 'win' NaNo.

...our neighbors had a party Saturday night. This is the family whose son is E's best friend -- so she was delighted! They had a band and food, and it was loud and busy. We only stayed about 90 minutes, and I was done. As we left, parents of one of the girls in D's class showed up -- and at least one other family came after that (we left around 9 pm). D had a meltdown, so it wasn't all fun. However, DH finally witnessed it, and he handled it so much better than I do.

...yesterday, DH went to the Broncos' game. They won, but it was COLD (I don't know what the wind chill was, but I imagine it was in the 30s for the entire game). Yes, there have been colder games than that, but still -- I wouldn't have done it!

...D's science project is almost done. He's finished the bulk of it. I helped him with that, and then I worked with E on personal narrative writing (which she was supposed to learn in her regular class, but they hadn't even started it by the time she switched over -- which meant they had two weeks to teach the main writing objective in her regular class).

...I've decided I like to start out the week with some productivity. So today, I went to the gym, ran an errand, cleaned the main floor, did a couple loads of laundry, put up E's curtains (which my mom made), and after blogging, it'll be time to get caught up on some bill-paying and reconciliation stuff.

This is Scholastic Book Fair week (I think I'm more excited than the kids)!
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