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Thankful for...

...well, although the kitty went missing yesterday, I'm thankful that the kiddos didn't seem to notice this morning -- I didn't want a melt-down before school!

...on the same front, I'm thankful that I was able to sleep and not stay awake all night worrying (though I did have some weird kitty-related dreams)...

...I have two weeks to finish my grading this round -- yay!! (I might have procrastinated enough last week -- which ended yesterday -- that I had to stay up late to finish.)

...I'm going to see HP7 tomorrow morning -- woot!'s book fair week! 'Nuff said (well, I'll add that I've already spent $45 on the kiddos).

...apparently I snore horribly when I have a cold -- which I do right now -- but last night, I didn't keep DH awake (I might have been doing that the previous two nights).

...back to the first two: I'm remarkably equanimous about the kitty missing -- if he's supposed to come back, I believe he will. Right now, I feel fairly confident he'll show up...we'll keep you posted.

...okay, now I'm laughing -- I asked DH how to spell 'equanimous', and he said, "That's not a word." It always cracks me up when I use words he's never heard before...I'm a geek that way ;)
Tags: finding thanks, kitty, life
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