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Ramblings on winter, latex, Thanksgiving, and food...

So we've had our first official snow (last week? the week before?), but it's been nothing more than a dusting. The mountains are getting a ton, supposedly, but poor DH hasn't had a break to go up and ski. I hope he doesn't miss the best powder of the season!

The kiddos have no school tomorrow or the rest of the week. I'm excited to sleep in ;) Tomorrow's supposed to be quite cold, however, so it might be interesting keeping them entertained. However, D got a puzzle for E's b-day (from my mom), so maybe he'll hunker down and work on that.

Did you know they have lasers in dentistry now? Supposedly, I won't even need any kind of numbing/pain agent -- which would be nice, if it's true, since Novocaine and every other type they've tried doesn't work on me. It's interesting that my college roommate (who's still a very good friend -- she's the one who went through breast cancer a few years ago) is the same. We're both allergic (or have reactions) to latex and tape (like medical tape), as well. Every year, when I go to the health fair for a blood draw, they either put a wad of gauze with tape over it or a bandaid on -- and the resulting hives are worse than just letting it bleed. But they won't let me walk around without something over the 'wound'. *Rolls eyes*

One of my earliest memories is of Thanksgiving. When I was in first grade (and just -- two months earlier -- turned 6), we had a Thanksgiving 'feast' in school. The girls all dressed up as pilgrims (I think we wore paper costumes -- we lived in a very poor town) and the boys as Native Americans (though we called them 'Indians' back then -- and we lived right next to a Navajo Reservation, so many of the Navajo children attended our school). Anyway, I only remember the cornbread (I think we helped make it too) and the blue paper we used on the costumes.

When I was in high school and college, the church we attended put on a Thanksgiving meal for the homeless shelters downtown. The church had a couple of vans (and a bus), and men would volunteer to drive down and pick up anyone who was interested. Our family worked the meal for many years running -- and through that, we started our own tradition of having Thanksgiving on Wednesday. We still do that, though now it's because my brother and I have in-laws to see on Thursday. My brother, in fact, cooks the meal for his in-laws (who still don't speak English) every year. I think the brothers-in-law and their families also attend. Everyone speaks Korean except my brother (and his daughter -- she can speak it a little bit, but probably not enough to matter).

In college, I dated a guy whose parents were divorced. We would attend three holiday meals for every celebration, and I ate the most interesting food because of them. I had lamb (with mint jelly), steak fondue (yummm!), Yorkshire pudding, and my first bagels with lox and cream cheese (um, and my last). His mom was an amazing cook. Of course, both my MIL and FIL are wonderful cooks, as well -- though their tastes are toward very different types of meal. Neither really go for gourmet; rather, my MIL focuses on Japanese food and stir fries (which are yummy), and my FIL makes unique desserts and side dishes.

Well, that's enough rambling for today -- what are some rambles from your neck of the woods?
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