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Five on Friday...

1. Now that the kitty is back, we're keeping him inside -- which isn't making him a happy kitty. But I think he's glad to be home (well, we hope so, at least).

2. We had a lovely Thanksgiving, with celebrations at my parents' Weds evening and my FIL's yesterday. After the gorging Weds, we played Clue (D's first time). Yesterday, we played Rummikub.

3. I hit a couple stores this morning (after nine) -- and we got a couple things we needed for a good price. Other than the kiddos, I'm done with Christmas shopping (whew).

4. We're having friends over tomorrow night, and as all the introverts out there know, that's both good and bad ;) However, one good aspect (in advance) is that the house will be clean (busy afternoon today).

5. DH's aunt is taking the kids for the afternoon and overnight today. I'm ready for some peace ;)

Happy last weekend of November (ack, shocking!).
Tags: holidays, kitty, life
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