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Weekend Roundup...

...with the kiddos gone Friday into Saturday (thanks to DH's aunt), we went to dinner and saw Love and Other Drugs. The movie was okay -- it was kind of predictable in some ways, but I liked the humor, and of course, the love story was sweet.

...I had a migraine most of the weekend (sigh) -- but at least I could still function!

...we had friends over Saturday night (probably our closest family friends). I cleaned the house with a migraine, even (which probably helped distract me from the discomfort, right?).

...yesterday, my friend L took E to see Tangled as a birthday treat, while I took D to see Deathly Hallows. He said he liked it, but it was too sad! (Well, duh, the book is sad too.)

...I did NOTHING related to work all week...and this morning, one of the students e-mailed me and asked why I hadn't turned in their assignments last week. I looked at the schedule, and lo and behold, only one of my two classes had a scheduled break for Thanksgiving! I've spent all morning frantically grading assignments for the other class. *sigh* Oh, well...

Happy Monday :)
Tags: friends, migraine, teh busyness

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