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Five on Friday...

1. Our school had a Mom's breakfast (of a sort) this morning. The person heading up that committee is D's basketball coach (interestingly enough). I went, even though it was soooo early (a bunch of us moms joked that it should have been a Mom's Happy Hour, instead).

2. I also managed to get in a SET class again today. I did much better than my first time, but part of it is because I knew not to push it when she started doing back exercises (though my back still hurts).

3. How is it that CO is 48th in school funding? *sigh* Oh, well...I'm glad I know how to teach, so if worse comes to worst, I can always homeschool.

4. Despite #3, both kiddos are doing well (E is doing very well in her reading/writing GT class) -- and D comes home happy everyday (which makes me want to dance :D).

5. I think I'll put up the Christmas tree this weekend (um, clearly we're behind this year). I also need to do Christmas cards (we've already gotten two -- we usually get around 50 by the end of the season).

Happy first weekend in December!
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