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Weekend Roundup...

...actually cleaned the house on Saturday -- it's always such a good feeling when it's done (just the 'anticipation' of having to do it which isn't so good).

...we went out to eat with my parents and then wandered around downtown to look at the Christmas lights. It was probably one of the coldest nights of the year so far, but I think the kids liked it anyway (and we were bundled). Plus, we stopped for hot chocolate, so that always wins ;)

...yesterday afternoon was my 'time to myself'. I did a bunch of work on my query and making a solid list of agents. I even wrote a synopsis (which I can't stand doing) I guess I can't put it off anymore.

...last night was the finale of The Amazing Race, which is one of my favorite shows. I was thrilled by the winners (I won't put it, in case someone out there is waiting to watch it tonight or something). And the next season looks cool too :)

...I started Matched today while at the gym, and I'm already totally hooked. I think it's just what I need to cleanse my reading palate.

Happy Monday!
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