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Book Fourteen...

How did I choose these books? Each of the Top Fifteen are five star reads (which means I read every word and LOVED it). To narrow it down further, I thought about my delight in the story and how completely enraptured I was as I read it. For all of these fifteen, I lost myself in the world of the book.

The covers link to The Tattered Cover (to promote indie bookstores a bit) in case you'd like more info. Here's number fourteen:

voices of dragonsVoices of Dragons, by Carrie Vaughn
Why did I love this? First off, it's the first book I've read (because I don't read a ton of high fantasy) that involves dragons and our world. I'd call it an alternate history fantasy (since in this earth's history, dragons once existed all over) -- but it's not a fantastical world but rather based on earth and the United States. I also really enjoyed how Kay has the innate curiosity and rebellion that your average teen does -- and she follows it up with some wonderful courage.
The story: Kay loves to hike, and even though her favorite woods border the restricted area (because dragons live there), she doesn't hesitate to climb nearby. But when she falls and is rescued by a dragon, suddenly all her ideas about the 'terrifying' creatures are put to the test. Although nervous at first, Kay allows Artegal to get to know her, and the two become friends -- but their friendship threatens everything the humans have fought for in past decades, and soon Kay has to choose between what she knows is right and her old life (including the boy with whom she's developing a relationship). The story does come to a conclusion, but there's definitely room for a sequel (and I'm assuming there will be one -- I hope so).
Definitely recommended for anyone who enjoys sheroes (strong female characters) and fantasy.
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