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Weekend Roundup...

...we made it through the holiday parties at school (where I was taking pix for both kiddos' classes -- for the yearbook). We ran errands after, and then had to go back to school because D forgot his boots. He was so excited to finally need them, though it was debatable with only 1/2 inch of snow ;)

...we went to our good friends' house for dinner Saturday night. It was a really nice time, though E has caught a cold and was a little sniffly (and clingy).

...I got my writing time yesterday afternoon and finished the latest revision -- woot!! I'm setting it aside and considering it done. Thanks to my crit group and all of you who beta read this recently (um, in September). Yes, it takes me forever to get through everything, but I definitely think it's so much stronger because of all your insightful comments :D I have to focus on the homemade gifts I still haven't started finished around here. My MIL arrives on Weds, so I need to get with it!

Happy Monday!
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