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Thanks to kellyrfineman who reminded me last night about the eclipse, I got to enjoy it. Yes, it was late (and man, I'm a little groggy today because of that). But wasn't only the moon.

Here, the skies were that kind of crispy clear they get when it's cold (though I don't think it was lower than 30 degrees out). The stars shone, and the hillside behind our neighborhood had that smooth, clear shape that only comes in moonlight.

And overhead, the moon shone, and slowly, so slowly, the shadow of the earth moved across its surface. For us, it started on the bottom left part and moved across diagonally toward the top right. By the end, the moon was glowing an orangish-red -- very cool.

The cold air felt like silk on my face, and it was so quiet...all combined, it was an amazingly beautiful time.

Sending peace and beauty your way today!

(Um, not last night...but still 'our' sky.)
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