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A new year...

How did you say good-bye to the old and ring in the new?

I have many memories (of course) of years past --

...sleeping in my grandparents' living room and seeing the curtains light up with colors as the booming fireworks went off

...hanging out in Estes Park (the first year DH and I were together) and whooping with his friends as the fireworks were let loose over the semi-frozen lake

-- to name a couple, but I think last night was the best yet. D and E had blankets and books; the Christmas tree (still decorated, for the moment) was lit; I sat with my own book, and DH played games on his phone. We read/played until the last minute of the year, and then we watched the ball drop together. DH and I kissed, and the kiddos (in the midst of the 'ews') jumped up to join us in a family hug.

The perfect start to 2011.

Happy New January, my friends!
Tags: finding thanks, life
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