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Weekend Roundup...

...spent Saturday doing piles of laundry (yeesh) and reading and running a couple of errands (needed yarn for more projects, and the sales were good).

...more reading yesterday, along with crocheting and starting to take down the Christmas tree (today I'll try to finish that). I also took the kiddos to B&N to spend their gift cards.

Today, I have some work to do (a couple of students trying to catch up), but not much. I got all the thank you cards ready to mail (yay) and still have two days (plus today) of freedom from work to get everything ready for this weekend. I can't believe it's already ALA time! Yes, I'm excited about the books (of course), but I'm actually just as excited to see my family in San Diego :D

The kiddos start school on Weds, D has a basketball game Weds night, I have a meeting Thurs morning (and volunteer that morning in E's class, as well), and then I leave Friday morning -- woot!

Happy first week of 2011!!
Tags: ala, life

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