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Weekend Roundup in pix...

The weather was gorgeous Friday when I left -- but although I had a little point-and-shoot camera, I wasn't in a window seat, so I couldn't take the pix out the window. Excuse the lower quality photos -- the camera isn't as good as my other one ;)

I started off meeting with my aunt at Seaport Village
(just for boreal_owl

That evening, I walked (with my rolling duffle bag) over to the Convention Center and waited with the mob (seriously, it was a HUGE crowd) before the doors. The security guard seemed a little freaked out and kept reminding everyone (very loudly) to 'walk and don't run' when the doors opened.

Once inside, it was just like a candy store in heaven for book lovers...

(um, to show a few)

I met up with cindypon, and she introduced me to a couple of other book lovers, as well. (ETA: I also ran into bracken, which was totally unexpected because she was working one of the booths! She was handing me requested books and said, "You look familiar -- oh, my god, are you Robin?" At that point, I recognized her too -- she's just as pretty and bubbly as her LJ suggests!) It was a fun night!

I ended up with 48 that night -- because this time, I tried to only take those books that I knew I'd read (unlike the last couple of times, when I had so many I might still have some left over -- like 20 or so). I showed my aunt (a fellow bibliomaniac, btw) my stash, and then we talked until 1 am (yeesh).

The next day, my aunt went with me. To my surprise (really), I found another 25 or so that I hadn't noticed the night before...and after pulling out a few for my cousin, this was the grand total:

(books by people I 'know' -- and if yours isn't there, it's because they didn't have ARCs of at least five people I requested)

(books with buzz -- meaning either Cindy or one of her friends -- or the PR person -- really pushed these books)

(books I went looking for -- these have the kind of buzz I knew would interest me)

(sequels! -- woot)

(book specifically for D & E)

I also met up with lisayee on Saturday, and she not only signed Bobby Vs. Girls and Stanford Wong for our school librarian (who was soooo excited), but she also signed her upcoming release Warp Speed!

Whew, so after all those books, I was exhausted (truly). My aunt and I left with our rolling cases filled, and after a nice lunch, we went to visit my gramma (who lives in El Cajon). From there, we took my gramma to dinner with my other aunts and my cousin and her family. (In case you're wondering -- ha -- my gramma is my dad's mom, and two of the other aunts are his sisters; the book-loving aunt is my mom's sis, and my cousin is her daughter.)

After dinner, my aunt (book-lover) and my cousin went to meet my other cousin (cousin's younger brother) and his wife for dessert -- yes, it was a busy day!

We got back to my aunt's house (in Chula Vista) around 10:30, and then we had to take out our books and drool for a bit...and I finally got to bed around midnight. Sadly, I woke up with a migraine (sigh), though it wasn't a horrible one (more annoying than anything else). I took my time getting ready and took a boiling hot shower -- but I decided returning to the conference would probably exacerbate the pain, so I skipped it (I didn't have much time, anyway).

The check-in line at the airport was ridiculous (close to half an hour), and I worried I'd miss the flight -- but instead, it was delayed because there was a snowstorm in Denver!

(taking off...)

(...landing -- and the flight is only 2 hours long, so big changes!)

Poor DH and kids had a 2-hour round trip to fetch me from the airport, but I was glad they did it. I handed out their books (they were both excited), and showed Chris the sequels (he's excited too). I read two and a half books during my travels yesterday (I probably would've finished the third if my head hadn't hurt).

This morning, as the temps hover in the single digits, the kiddos are back in school and I'm settling back into the norm :) Happy Monday!
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