robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

The results...

So after getting the results, I realized that I put in two trick questions ;)

Anyway, here are the widely-anticipated results, he-he:

1. I have NOT been kicked out of a bank -- almost everyone got this one, thanks to the recent five unusual things list ;)

2. Here was the first trick question -- yes, I adore chocolate (and state it often)...but ONLY dark chocolate. In fact, I once was given a dozen Mrs. Field's milk chocolate cookies (my favorite brand), and I didn't eat one of them! Milk and white don't cut it -- only dark will do! (no one got this one, he-he)

3. I was married at 31 (Alison, Liz, and Tina got this one right).

4. For the second trick question -- I didn't phrase it well, because I WAS a physic major for a while; but I got my degree in Music. (he-he) Jayme, Sarah, Tina, Kay, Pam, and Liz (for knowing that it was once physics) got it right.

5. This one was hard, because I've only mentioned it once -- but yeah, I wrote my hs term paper (which was supposed to be on a classic author) on Agatha Christie. I only got away with it because my teacher loved AC (and Stephen King, which was the only other non-classic author chosen). Shirley got this on right -- way to go, Shirley!

6. I kind of wax poetic (or just long) about my favorite author -- George MacDonald. Alison, Liz, Sarah, and Els got this one :)

So thanks for playing! It was fun (for me, at least) :D
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