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Thankful for...

...writing friends. It still amazes me how I can meet another writer online and then meet them in person and find a friend :). Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting up with cynthialord, who was in town for a conference and some school visits (some of which were canceled because school was canceled). Cindy is a thoughtful, kind, enjoyable person to sit and chat with, and I enjoyed my time with her thoroughly! As a former teacher and someone who taught previously home-schooled students, I *could* homeschool, if I had to. But I'm very thankful that my kiddos have a strong neighborhood school to attend, that they like it, and that they're learning and growing.

...time off. This weekend is our 11th anniversary, and my parents are taking the kiddos so we can have some time to ourselves. I'm excited :)

...warmer temps. Yeah, I was sooooo done with below-zero temps. Today, it's actually supposed to get above freezing (although it hasn't made it yet) -- tomorrow, they're saying 40s!

Happy Thursday, my friends!
Tags: finding thanks, love
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