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Weekend Roundup...

...although DH went skiing yesterday (on our actual anniversary), the rest of the weekend made up for it ;)

...we saw The King's Speech, which might arguably be the best movie I've ever seen. Yes, it is that good.

...we ate out a lot (including Burger King -- ha).

...we got DH a new mattress (we have two twins in a king frame -- I got a new mattress about 3 1/2 years ago, but he's been sleeping on an ancient, sagging mess). Ironically, he ended up with the same mattress I got -- and probably the king would have been cheaper than buying two twins. Oh, well.

...I got a new pillow (yes, exciting days around here).

...the kiddos appeared to have a great time with my parents -- and we got home in time for some shoveling (about a foot of snow yesterday) and the Super Bowl. I even sat out with them and did my work on the laptop (the work I did NONE of the rest of the weekend). we're back to 'normal', which includes a trip to the dentist for me (sigh).

Happy Monday :)
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