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Five on Friday...

1. Yesterday was crazy busy (not sure why), and I didn't even get all the wash done (sigh). But today is fresh and new, and the sky's the limit, no?

2. Our 25th high school reunion is this summer (ack) -- it's being planned through FB, which shows one of the benefits of the social media. So far, about half our class has been found (and we graduated with 650+ students), and that's impressive. I have to say, however, that after reading through the many comments on the page, I think I won't really need a reunion by the time it arrives ;) (DH wants to go, though, so I'm sure I will be there.)

3. re#2 -- one guy came on and said, "Hey, I didn't like these two guys at all [um, he was actually much harsher than this, calling them a couple of names], but anyone know where ____ and ____ are?" And ____ came one and said, "I'm here." Nothing else -- no defensiveness over the OP's pretty rude comments. That was encouraging. Maybe some people have moved beyond high school (I know -- we should hope, after 25 years, that this is the case)!

4. I've hit a wall in my WIP. I know where I want the story to go, but I can't seem to get there. *yell of frustration*

5. D has another game tonight (there was one on Weds, as well). They lost big-time Weds, and it was because they didn't hustle. At looked like they were moving in slow motion while the other team was normal time. We mentioned that to D, and we're hoping that tonight he (at least) will try running once in a while. It's funny: we don't really care if they win, but we want them to try, no?

Happy weekend -- enjoy Valentine's stuff, if that's what you're doing :)
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