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Weekend Roundup...

...D's team won Friday night, so now they'll be in the tournament. They have one more 'regular' game, and if they win that one, they won't have to face the undefeated team right away. If they lose, however...well, it could be a short tournament ;)

...remember the big hail storm?

...well, after months of fighting with our insurance company, as we watched every other house on the street get a new roof, it's our turn. The insurance company came through, and there are ~6-8 men on our roof right now, scraping and yanking and tossing. The kitty's not too happy (since he has to stay inside until they're done with this part), but we're thrilled!

...we went out for Valentine's Day yesterday, to our favorite Mexican food restaurant (about three minutes away). It's called Jose O'Shea's, and I first went there when I was about D's age -- so it's been around a long time! We figured we'd rather not fight the crowds today. As we sat there and the kiddos chatted and behaved wonderfully (like they always do in public), I realized that not everyone is so fortunate. My cousin's kiddos are very high-spirited, and they've struggled getting them under control enough to ever eat out. Granted, we had a short period (when E was less than one-ish) where we couldn't eat out because she screamed all the time...but ever since then, both kids have been fine.

...because of the gorgeous weather, we had hoped to wash our cars this weekend, but the snow was piled high enough in most places (like along the sides of the street), that there's still too much slush! Hopefully, before Weds, it'll melt enough that we can have clean cars for a brief time!

...both kiddos are fighting colds right now, so we mostly vegged this weekend -- in fact, I can't think of what we did (hmmmm) on Saturday. Obviously, it was very exciting.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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