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Weekend Roundup...

...well, mostly I worked. I really like 'teaching' this course -- perhaps it's just the instinctive teacher in me, but I've made up all kinds of mini-lessons that I send out each week to the students. Of course, there's also the similar frustrations when students don't bother reading any of them. Today, for example, I had to edit a first draft where the student used a citation for 95% of her sentences. Oops...I'd specifically said (more than once) that I wouldn't accept that, but she did it anyway. And now she's going to have to completely rewrite her paper. The joys...

...we all have a cold in some form right now. My icky feelings from early last week have mutated into a slug-fest -- slugs in my throat and nose, and sleeping last night was challenging. DH has the runny nose, D has a sore throat, and E is finally (FINALLY) seeming to be on the last stages of a cough. MIL stayed with us this weekend, as well. I didn't see her much, but we all went to breakfast together Saturday morning, which was nice. She decided to give E a makeover (without asking first), and although some parents probably wouldn't mind at all, we do. So when E came upstairs with makeup on, we were both like, "What the *bleep* did you do to our little girl?!" Fortunately, E willingly washed it all off as soon as I asked (which was seconds after I saw it). I don't wear makeup (at all), so I guess it's just not my thing -- and DH obviously agrees ;)

Anyway, happy last day of February -- I can't believe it's over! Last year, it seemed to last a year, and this year, it just vanished.
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