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How being a writer changed me as a reader...

I'm not sure I'm happy about that, btw. I used to be able to lose myself in books. I was a voracious reader. Before college, I'd read an average of three books a day. I took an Independent Reading class in high school (can you believe they had such things?); we had to read for an hour and write down how many pages we read. My teacher couldn't believe that I'd read 65 pages in 45 minutes. He said, 'Do you realize how many pages you'll have to read to get an A in here?' Yep, I knew.

He was the first 'authority figure' to challenge the types of books I read. Once he discovered that I'd been conservative in my page totals, he told me I had to read a classic per every four books. I'm not big on classics, btw. For the first one, I fudged and reread 'The Scarlet Pimpernel', which I adore! He somehow figured out that i'd read it before and started giving me choices between books that he picked. I ended up reading 'Ivanhoe' -- ack! (though the movie with Anthony Andrews was LOVELY -- well, AA was lovely!) AFter that I needed something light -- and can you believe I'd not read Jane Austen yet? So I read 'Emma', which I thought was funny (though I didn't really get it until years later).

Back then there was no chicklit, but I read Ellen Conford and June Foley -- both of which I still adore. Now? Well, generally speaking, I really don't like chick lit. (Except for Jennifer Barnes's books, both of which I've enjoyed). I love fantasy, but not high fantasy so much. I don't do dark and edgy, for the most part...I've become a restless reader! I can't settle down and just enjoy anymore -- ahhhhhh!!!

Has this happened to anyone else? The stuff I read before becoming a writer I still love...but I can't seem to find any new loves :( (However, I'm holding out hope that a couple of upcoming friends' books might do the trick -- one of which is arriving next week!)

Am I a lost case? Is there hope?

P.S. I had to use the picture above because our snow is finally fact, it could be gone by the end of the week!
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