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Five on Friday...

1. I've started a new blog/website to replace my old website (family fun together). Why? Well, it came down to money, really. The other site cost a fair amount, and we just weren't seeing any obvious return. Even though I was getting 80-90 visitors a day, nothing was really coming of it. So, I figured I could put the information somewhere else for a lot less -- and when it gets closer to looking good, I'll put the URL here, as well. It's not a replacement for this blog, btw. It's mostly as a standing book rec site, including some tips for family fun :)

2. #1 took hours yesterday, but since I finished my challenging week, I had the time (and man, it felt good)!

3. D's class (and the entire 3rd grade) is doing a book swap today. They could bring in up to five books -- and they supposedly will get as many as they bring in to trade. D, of course, took five, and he's very excited :)

4. Education financial support is circling the bowl here in CO. The thing is, I know why so many people don't want to continue funding it -- the lack of common sense spending along with the limp results of the spending have left many people completely disgusted. I wish I knew how to fix it all :(

5. #4 makes me very thankful that I could, if needed, educate my kiddos myself. I certainly hope it doesn't come to that, however. Both kiddos love the social setting, and E (especially) really needs that challenge. She still doesn't like to actually respond to the teacher, but she will talk to her classmates once in a while.

Enough of that -- despite the supposed wintery weather headed our way, it still feels pretty spring-ish, and the birds are singing :) Happy weekend!
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